Thursday, December 16, 2010

We are not perfect....

We are human...

I wanted to get on here today and let you know that we (my family) are human. We do eat healthy and at home, 95% - 99% of the time but there are those days where we are not perfect, we do make those not so good choices.

I am not perfect nor do I try to be or act as though I am. I have faults. I have bad days where I do not feel like cooking. I have days that meals do not turn out and we need a quick fix. We do eat out.

I am sorry if I have come across... not human. Here is a little something you may or may not know.

I am a wife and mom. There are days (many days) I do not get out of my PJ's!
I love to cook.
I used to be addicted to... CHICK-FIL-A.
I used to consume Dr. Pepper, daily.
I used to consume Sweet Tea, a couple time a week.
I used to - who am I kidding - I love Pizza!
I used to love to go out for breakfast, lunch and dinners.
I do not (and will not ---EVER) eat pig products. (bacon, ham, sausage, etc.)
I love chocolate. (Reese's Peanut Butter Cups)
I have eaten Fast Food.
I have eaten store bought, corn fed, meat.
I have eaten unhealthy junk foods. I mean, who hasn't!
I have eaten Doughnuts.

I changed. One thing remains the same, I still do not consume pig nor do I ever plan on eating it!

My family and I decided to change the way we eat. I do my best to plan nutritious healthy meals. I am not perfect.

I do not live in my kitchen. I do not sit and dream about what to make next. Although, I really enjoy looking on other blogs for ideas, to some day in the future, try. I do not spend the day looking at the blogs. I spend 20 minutes in the morning. I do like to find NEW fun recipes for my family and I to try!

We have changed the way we eat. We enjoy eating local, hormone free, grass fed beef. Personally, it tastes better (and is cheaper, too!) We enjoying eating local vegetables, when we can. We have just read too much information, stories and books to turn the other way. It is our personal decision to eat the way that we do. We do what is best for us, my family. It may not be the best for you and your family.

We all make changes - here are a few I have made:
I quit eating meat - when it affected my nursing son.
I laid off peppers and onions - when it affected me (pregnancy heartburn).

Most recently - I am now laying off grains, legumes and dairy because it affects me.

Wouldn't you change something if you 1) could do something about it, and 2) if it was affecting you????

- I wasn't sleeping at night
- Many upset stomachs
- Sluggish
- Hormone full meat makes me sick. Really - when we go out, 9 times out of 10, I end up in the bathroom sick. Meal wasted... more importantly, money wasted.
- I had no energy

Those are just a few of the symptoms or affects of the food I was eating.
Back to the items I listed, above.
I used to eat Fast Food. I used to consume Chick-fil-A, weekly. I do not judge. I have been there. I used to drink Dr. Pepper, DAILY. I do not anymore. I have not had one for a couple months now! I am proud and happy about that accomplishment. It was a process and yes, it was hard. We all have our one thing... Dr. Pepper was mine! I love Pizza. Really. I do. But I prefer to make my own, now! I like to know what I am consuming. Yes, there are times where that is not possible, like, oh-no I burnt, I ruined, whatever the case pizza is an easy fix.

I am not perfect...

I hope that you see me as human and my family and I do --- occasionally go out. We are working on making "better" healthier choices when we do eat out. Which has become almost -- NEVER...

I hope that this post has shown you that we are not perfect and we too, have to work hard to eat healthy.

I want to stay honest with you and this blog. I am going to post struggles from time to time... I might list FLOPS or struggles with my diet.

Thanks for reading!!!! :)

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