Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Spinach and Almonds

Joshua loves spinach. He reminds me almost daily how much he loves Spinach. 

I am not sure where the obsession has come from. Maybe it is because he enjoys watching old Popeye Movies. Maybe it is because he sees Popeye eat a can of Spinach and magically he is covered in LARGE muscles and is strong.  Maybe it is because he has been eating Spinach since he was 9 months old. Maybe it is just because we switch up the recipe. Maybe he really just enjoys eating Spinach. 

I think it is all of the above. He really doe like Spinach and you will not see this mom complaining. 

We eat Spinach at least once a week. We enjoy fresh and frozen. Both our fridge and freezer are stocked with this delicious leafy green!

I am on an Almond kick... You will see a lot of Almonds in my recipes to come! 

I made spinach with Almonds last week with the Sweet Potato Tater Tots and Steak. I am sorry to just be getting to posting the Spinach Recipe. 

The Ingredients:
Spinach - chopped (fresh or frozen)
Coconut Oil
Chopped Almonds

The Directions:
If using fresh Spinach, wash and dry. Cut off Spinach ends and chop Spinach into desired pieces. I like to saute fresh Spinach in Coconut Oil. You do not need much Coconut Oil because the Spinach will wilt fast and you can have oily spinach. Add Almonds and let the Almonds toast up a little bit. 

If you are using frozen you can either steam or use the microwave. We try not to use our microwave a lot so we steam ours. I then toss the Spinach in a little Coconut Oil and add toasted Almonds.

If you need to add a little Parmesan cheese to spice it up, that is fine! It is good either way!

You could add this into some quinoa, too.


  1. We love spinach especially homeade cream spinach!! You should work on a healthier version of that :)

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