Monday, December 6, 2010

Coconut Oil - Tropical Traditions

One product that pretty much does it all for us! Coconut oil!
Coconut oil is a highly saturated tropical oil derived from coconuts of the coconut palm tree. Traditionally it has provided many health benefits to the peoples who live in areas of the tropics and subtropics where coconut palms grow. Many newly discovered health benefits are now being unearthed through careful research and use in clinical practices.
We have been lead to believe that saturated fats are the dietary contributor to heart disease.
Read more from Nourishing Traditions and the Weston A. Price Foundation counter-acting the false beliefs about coconut oil here.
Coconut oil has been called the “healthiest dietary oil on earth.”
Coconut Oil has many great uses!!! 
Use 1 cup to 1 cup ratio when replacing other oils/butter in recipes with coconut oil.
Replacement for butter/lard/Crisco in it’s solid form – greasing pans, pie crusts, etc. Nutritional supplement – melt and add to smoothies
Replacement for various oils in liquid form – baking, cooking, sauteing, etc.
I use coconut oil primarily now for all my cooking and baking. I have found olive oil to be superior for greasing pans and for homemade dressings, but other than that, it is all coconut oil!

We have had a couple of sever cases of diaper rash with Micah. After trying everything and anything, we gave coconut oil a try. Scoop some out in our hand and rubbed onto his bottom. The NEXT day - gone... No sign of ever having a diaper rash. Mix coconut oil with Shea butter for a more everyday diaper rash cream.
Good for everyday lotion, too!

I am just beginning to experiment in this area. So far, I have tried:
Feet - Coconut Oil on dry and cracking feet. 
Moisturizer/Lotion - I have really dry skin. Mix coconut oil with lotion or Shea butter.
Toothpaste - I made my own toothpaste. Still working on the recipe (will share soon!)
Deep Conditioner 
Make-up remover - apply a small amount on a cotton ball.
Lips - this is funny but when I am in the kitchen cooking and have a little coconut oil left, i apply it to the lips!

BM's - I am sorry if that is TMI but seriously, a week off coconut oil I (the whole family) could tell a difference. If you have harder BM's give Coconut Oil a try. Just cook with it and your body will thank you! :) Again, sorry for the TMI.

I hear it is good for aftershave, gel, sunscreen and deodorant.  

I love coconut oil. 

I recently learned about Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil and we were given the opportunity to sample it in our home.

Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil is unrefined and is made with organic coconuts. Fresh coconuts are used and only the best are hand-picked from each harvest. The fresh coconut meat is then shredded and then cold-pressed using the water that is inside of the coconut to make coconut milk. The milk is then allowed to sit for about 12 hours while the oil naturally separates from the milk.

We are big Coconut Oil users!!! Just this week we have used Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil for cooking eggs, making cupcakes, in spinach, on sweet potatoes tater tots, potato fries, air popped popcorn, my dry elbow, Micah's bottom and dry lips. I have been very pleased with the Coconut Oil. 

Make sure you go over to Tropical Traditions and check out all their products... I know, I will!

Thank you, Tropical Traditions for allowing me to sample your product!

DISCLAIMER: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.


  1. We love coconut oil as well and use it in EVERYTHING in the kithcen.

  2. I checked out that website...awesome I want everything on it...AND the Mexican vanilla:) maybe santa will think i was very very good this year!

  3. Very Good Info. I am new to the amazing benefits of coconut oil and have just recently started using it. I'm excited to try out some of your ideas on my family!

  4. I have been using coconut oil for a number of years now since I learnt of the propaganda some years back. Making the switch has had a lot of benefits for my whole family. I never even put on any extra pounds.

    Looking forward to the coconut toothpaste recipe.:-)

  5. 3 Researches PROVE How Coconut Oil Kills Belly Fat.

    This means that you actually burn fat by eating coconut fats (including coconut milk, coconut cream and coconut oil).

    These 3 studies from big medicinal journals are sure to turn the conventional nutrition world around!


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