Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quick and Easy

I have been LAZY...

This past February, I was on a MISSION --- MISSION LOOSE baby weight! I gained about 40+ pounds and instantly lost 15 or so when Micah was born. By February, I needed to loose 15 pounds to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. 

Once I began to workout --- The pounds melted off.  I became obsessed with working out. I worked out Monday - Friday and some Saturdays. My workout was an hour of cardio and weights. I worked on that for a couple of months. I was feeling good... I decided to up my workouts to an hour of weights and cardio and I would then go in and do a spinning class or another aerobic class. I would be at the gym for 2 hours. I worked hard. I lost the weight and some! 


July came and I stopped... I was burned out. I could not get myself back to the gym. I made excuse after excuse. 

We have all been there! 
(There was also an incident in the kids room)

Anyways - last week I made it back for my first spinning class. It took all of me to get myself there and to get over my hump! 

Yesterday - I started a new adventure and I want you to hold me accountable! I started INSANITY
WOW - Let me tell you... it is HARD. I pushed myself and I still was not able to do everything. 

I AM OUT OF SHAPE... but not for long!!!! :) 

I am going to take pictures and I may or may not post them... But I WILL go strong for 60 days... I WILL prove to (a certain someone) and myself that I CAN and WILL do this. 

To be honest -- I am not needing or looking to loose weight... I am looking to TONE up! I am looking to be and stay HEALTHY! 

Nap times are going to be all about me!!!! :) No more goofing around on the computer or watching (reality/junk) TV... It is ONE hour devoted to me and me alone.... 

Here is to a new and improve and healthy and in shape me!!!!

Egg Scramble with 1 Chicken & Turkey Sausage (AppleFarms), 2 - 5 cups Fresh Spinach, 1 Orange Bell Pepper!!!! 

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