Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What is yeast "proof"

I am still on the quest to make a delicious sandwich bread. I will, one day, figure this whole thing out... I will conquer this... Just not today or this recipe! :)

A couple of weeks ago, I found this recipe to make a great sandwich bread. The pictures of the bread were great. The flour was soaked... I was excited!!!! but my bread failed 3 times.

The first time, TOTALLY my fault! I did not proof the yeast, correctly.

I did not know what "proof" yeast meant. I guess I had "killed" the yeast.

New to bread making I had NO clue what "proofing" should look like. Well - This is what "proof" yeast should look like!

My yeast was a proofed success attempt #2 and #3. I followed the directions to a T. I let the bread rise 2x just as the recipe said too... but as soon as it was time to separate the dough and put into the pans... SPLAT... the dough died. I will figure this out.

I have decided that in a couple of weeks I will attempt another recipe for sandwich bread. The original recipe I was using was delicious. My bread just was dense. Delicious and edible! Joshua, my oldest, enjoys it and I make him little sandwiches out of it.

Not a total loss!!!!

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