Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bell Pepper Fajita's

Alright - I did not make my family eat pepper fajita's - I added a little steak to the large amount of bell peppers. I had about 10 bell peppers that HAD to be used! We had 3/4 bell peppers and 1/4 meat (if that much!) I felt like I was "tasting the rainbow!!!" with my pepper choices - red, yellow, orange, green and purple peppers!!!

I made up my own taco type seasoning. My hubby thought the flavor was great but I felt I went a little heavy on the chili pepper.

The Ingredients:
10 small to medium bell peppers (orange, yellow, purple, green, red and mix!)
1/2 onion sliced
1 grilled steak, sliced

Seasoning: Make the mixture first. You may want to add more of some and less of others!
Chili Powder, Garlic Salt, Cayenne Pepper, 1 beef bouillon cube, Sea Salt, Pepper, a few other spices that I have since spaced!

The Directions:
I added the seasoning to both the peppers and the steak! Grill the steak. In a large WOK add bell peppers and onion and seasoning. When the steak is done - slice - add to peppers!

Can be served with lettuce, wrap, on a bed of rice and beans... Possibilities are endless!

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