Sunday, October 24, 2010

Canning Tomato Juice and Tomato Sauce

I stocked up on sauces, stewed tomatoes and salsa this summer and have already been enjoying them! The flavor is great and it is just nice knowing where and what conditions my tomatoes (and sauces) were grown in. 
After getting extra food share the past two weeks, I have 3 big bags of tomatoes. Not to mention my window seal full of tomatoes from my garden. 

I have made several different types of canned tomatoes this summer but this recipe is my new favorite. It is simple and you can make three different types of canned tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Tomato Sauce or Tomato Paste! You don't even have to waste time peeling and seeding! :) Which is perfect for me!!!! 

Who really has time to boil then peel a tomato? NOT ME! 

The Directions:
First, you start with bunches and bunches of pretty tomatoes, like these.  You can take the skins off and the seeds out if you want to…I pretty much just WASH them.  I leave the skin on and and the seeds in…mostly because I’m just too lazy to do otherwise.  My family doesn’t know the difference, and you can’t really even tell that the seeds and skin are still there.  At all. 
Next, I cut the tomatoes into fourths and put them into my food processor. The tomatoes are then blended up until they are liquid.  After I blend up my tomatoes, they go into a big pot. Boil the tomatoes, uncovered, stirring occasionally.  After a while it begins to look like this. 
Once that bubbly froth is just about all gone from the top (about an hour and a half or so after beginning the boiling process), you have made tomato juice, and you’re able to go ahead with the hot water bath process of canning tomato juice. 

But, if you want tomato sauce, continue to let it boil for another hour or so.  You’ll know your tomato sauce is done “saucing” when most of the watery liquid has evaporated.  If you continue to cook it at this point, you will have tomato paste…which is fine…if you want tomato paste.

Can your tomato sauce for 25-30 minutes


  1. How many pounds did you do and how much sauce did you get? Thanks!!!

  2. Finally a homemade tomato paste! Thanks for sharing!


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