Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meat Glue Secret

The following is from my daily email from Dr. Mercola.
He says,
If you are still on the fence, wondering if you should make the switch to organic, grass-fed beef from a local farm instead of the mass-produced variety from your local supermarket, perhaps this news brief from the Australian Today Tonight show will help change your mind.
If you haven't yet seen the video, please click through and be ready to be amazed.

By now most people probably realize that ground beef contains the meat from hundreds of animals from different parts of the world, but few would ever suspect that the same can be true for prime cut steaks! Well, that's possible through the use of so-called meat glue, used to "super-glue" small chunks of meat together that are too small to sell, and passing it off as prime cuts...

To read the whole article, click here!

I have said it before but I am thankful!!! I know that my meat does not contain meat glue. I know that my meat is fresh. I know that my meat is not mixes. I know that there are no ADDITIVES. 

Check out local farmers, please! Most will be cheaper than store meat and you will be getting a high quality meat instead of high quantity. :) If you need help searching for local farmer, I am happy to help! 

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