Friday, May 27, 2011

Barefoot Children

Barefoot Truth & Spinal Health
In recent times we have seen a major shift from going bare-foot to wearing shoes and in recent times we have seen the number of problems stemming from the foot increase as a result.
There was no mention of foot troubles in Biblical times like today and it wasn’t until renaissance times that heel laden and pointed toe shoes were introduced into society starting the birth of foot and developmental issues in adults and children.

Studies have shown the benefits of going barefoot and these are only some;
  • Few incidences of deformed toes
  • Greater foot flexibility
  • Denser muscles on the bottom of the foot
  • Greater agility
  • Well shaped legs from natural and balance gait
  • A more natural motion, free from the weight brought on by shoes
  • Prevention of blister, ingrown toenails, and plantar warts
  • Less chance of plantar fasciitis and bunions
  • Better proprioception and developed nerve system
  • Greater spinal health

The benefits of barefoot are enormous as mentioned above. Stronger feet are created and ultimately a stronger body. All of us have seen someone who has had a broken limb and wore a cast for the average of 6 weeks. When the cast was removed we noticed that in comparison to the opposite side the effected leg or arm was much smaller. This is because that limb didn’t get any use and the muscles were weakened. This is the same concept as in the foot. The foot is home to 20 muscles who all need to work individually to maintain proper biomechanics. This well working machine needs to be in balance for proper spinal and nerve system development, and health and well-being of our future. By wearing shoes this results in a weakened structure and poor health.

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