Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chicken and Carrot Soup

Poor 3 year old has MONO and Strep... Poor guy has a very swollen and red throat, tongue and hanging ball. Poor guy has been very selective on the foods and drinks he consumes. Poor guy has not eaten a lot in the past few days. And I do not blame him... He is so swollen any food would hurt going down. 

Last night I boiled chicken (all day) making it real soft for my sweet boy! I then added carrots and sweet potato spears and loaded it with basil and lots of oregano. I then boiled it again to make the carrots EXTRA tender for smooth eating. 

Poor guy was still in pain eating this simple and smooth and OVERCOOKED soup... Thankfully he ate some!
I had made a chicken roaster the other day. When it was time for clean up we placed the chicken (skin, bones and meat) into a container. I threw the whole chicken (skin, bones and meat) into a pot of boiling water. I added garlic and oregano and let the chicken warm up before discarding the bones and skin. I then cooked the chicken on low for 4 - 6 hours before adding carrots and sweet potato. I cooked the soup for another 1 - 2. I then added garlic powder and basil. 

I am hoping for a better eating day by my sweet 3 year old!!!! 


  1. I think the soup looks very yummy! BTW, I started a new link up for sharing healthy ideas, suggestions, going "green" tips, etc. and I hope you'll join me next Wednesday! (Healthy 2day Wednesdays) Have a great weekend!


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