Friday, March 4, 2011

Donate Button

I love food blogging! It challenges me to come up with new recipes. Food blogging has helped me  become passionate about food healthy foods and healthy habits. 

Some of you might not know but I started food blogging back in 2007 with a group of moms and friends. Our blog was a recipe exchange. There were no restrictions and anyone could add recipes! We actively added recipes for over a year. I was still adding recipes up until starting this blog. 

It was a great idea and it paved my way to start my own recipe blog. I really do love it! 
I love creating new recipes and trying new things. If I had one goal for this blog it would be to help every individual reading this to come closer to obtaining their optimum health. 

I have added a donate button on the sidebar. If you are a loyal reader and enjoy my recipes, tips are accepted!  A simple donation can buy ingredients, cooking gadgets, cutting boards or anything else that has to do with my blog and cooking!

Food blogging not only requires ingredients and cooking gadgets, it takes time and creativity.

    PayPal is a safe way to donate money.

    Thank you for your continued support! 

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