Friday, July 1, 2011

We are expecting!

This has come as a great surprise but we are expecting baby #3!!!! Hubby and I had just started to talk about #3 and when we thought it would be best to try, since it takes me a long long long time to get pregnant.


3 year old - we tried for a year + and had 2 miscarraiges. We struggled but were so excited and blessed that 3 year old came when he was meant too!!!

18 month old - we first started to talk about trying right about 3 year old turned one. We quick being careful and nothing... After 8 months of trying, we were pregnant!

This time - We barely had the coverstation that #3 would be loved and welcomed but maybe in a few month start the trying process.... NOPE pregnant when we weren't even trying!!!

The difference...... DIET!!!! My Hashimoto and thyroid levels are normal. I eat a lot more vegetables and fruits and I eat A LOT less grains... Diet must have been the factor that allowed this baby to come so quickly! :)

If you have noticed my recipes have been limited... I have been having some terrible ALL DAY sickness and food has not been my friend. I attempt to eat every meal every day but sometimes the only thing that I can keep down are crackers.... I have been making smoothies daily making sure I get some quality nutrition in but those too have been hard to keep down. I am hoping this is behind me!!! I miss cooking! I miss eating healthy delicious FOODS!!!!

With that being said... I plan on blogging on pregnancy and food!!! :) Posts may be spread out but I will post!!!

Happy 4th everyone!!! and Healthy Eating this Holiday weekend!!!


  1. Congrats..........I had trouble getting pregnant the 3rd time. which took me by surprise. I was 34 at the time but since I had no trouble the first two times I wasn't expecting it. I happened to go on my first ever low carb diet the month I got pregnant. I found out that often times when people are on a low carb they end up pregnant when they couldn't seem to get pregnant before.......I think blood sugar has a say in it.

  2. I forgot to say it took me 1 1/2 years to get pregnant the 3rd time.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful news! What a great blessing! Congratulations - hope that you are feeling better soon, girl! :-) Here's to a more energetic second trimester.

  4. Congrats on the newest little miracle! :)

  5. Hi! I'm a new reader, but LOVING your recipes!
    I'm pregnant with my fourth, and it's the first child that was a surprise! Why? I believe it was my healthy diet.
    Thanks for the blog, looking forward to reading through it!


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