Friday, July 29, 2011

Home Gardening

Last year, I built a raised garden bed and I had a garden for the first time. I think it went pretty smoothly and I grew lots of great - chemical free vegetables...

This year, it is not going as good. ha! You would have thought I would have learned and improved, and I have but the tree behind my garden has grown and is shading my garden for most of the day. Plus, Indiana has not had much rain since May and I am doing my best to water it.

Last year, I planted three zucchini plants and two survived and produced A TON of zucchini.
This year, I planted one zucchini plant hoping to have just the right amount of zucchini. Well, my plant is struggling.
* note to self: plant more than one plant next year! Maybe even plant the zucchini's on a huge mound of dirt, since they thrive on lots and lots of great dirt.

Last year, I planted 6 tomato plants, all the same, all got diseases.
This year, I planted 3 different tomato plants and all are doing great and producing a lot of tomatoes!!! I also planted a basil plant next to the tomato plants. The tomatoes thrive on basil and love basil plants being planted next to them.

Last year, I experimented EVERYTHING!!!
This year, I experimented with new plants and seeding.

This year, I used trellis, for my spaghetti squash and cucumbers. My poor spaghetti squash has root rot and I am going to try to revive him with some new dirt!

Have you garden at your house??? What are some things you have learned???

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  1. Another reason the tomatoes could have gotten a disease last year is if you had more rain and since it's drier this year disease can't take hold.


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