Thursday, July 7, 2011


This has been a tough "food" week. 

Food has not been my friend. It is funny that each pregnancy has been so different from one another. 
Pregnancy 1 - morning sickness once
Pregnancy 2 - morning sickness through 2nd trimester but could eat. Didn't spend much time over the toilet. 
Pregnancy 3 - I am spending a lot of time here. Thought of food. Smell of food. Food in general is not my friend.

I feel like this... 

Pretty sure my boys belong here!!!! :)
I have been trying to get in a smoothie a day but sometimes I can't get it down. I have a very sensitive gag reflex currently and it is making it hard to do anything. Brushing my teeth. Changing a diaper. Extra spit in my mouth...

I will take this symptoms ANYDAY!!! Symptoms = Healthy Pregnancy!!!! :)

I promise to be back with some recipes next week!!!! :) I have two HUGE bags of zucchini's, thatnks to my CSA, to get through. It might just be ZUCCHINI week!!! :)

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