Thursday, June 2, 2011

I like my meat!

Good Morning everyone!!!!

We are on vacation and loving our time together! This is the first "BIG" trip we have taken since Baby. Traveling with young children is different and can be challenging. You rise early and plan the day around naps and then hang around the room once the kids go to sleep. We are having a great time! I will write more on our vacation when we get back. 

We went to Bushkill Falls!!! We enjoyed a gorgeous hike!

I want to talk about food real quick.

We are not eating like we normally do and let me tell you... we are all feeling it. Baby and 3 year old have been fussy and 3 year old has told us that his belly hurts. Let me tell you that I am feeling the same pain. 

We wanted to bring our own meat and vegetables but we decided to make a 2 day pit stop and knew that the meat would not last. So we planned on buying everything here. 

BIG MISTAKE the local store is scary... the produce had bugs flying around and most of the vegetables were already wilted or bruised. YUCK! So... we had to make a few changes. We have had grains and dairy this week.

Our poor bellies....
Hubby and I both have had heartburn the entire time. My body is starting to really feel terrible. I can't handle grains and dairy anymore but I did not think it wise to eat the vegetables that were at the local store...
We have also had non organic meat this week... Another OUCH...

I also struggle with hormone filled meat. I always have. When I eat corn (grain) fed meat I usually end up in the bathroom later that night with upset stomachs. As soon as I switched to our local meat the stomach pains STOPPED!!!! :)

Maybe I can say this week of eating was a challenge or an experiment.... food can affect children. Not only have my boys had upset stomachs, their behaviors have been different. My 3 year old has been on a sugar high from all the grains and dairy. They are not sleeping as well as they normally do and that too, is causing some major breakdowns.

FOOD can change the way children act and sleep. Quality of food is best!!!! :)

I can not tell you how excited I am to get home and to eat my meat and my vegetables... Food boot camp starts SUNDAY!!!!!!! :) 

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