Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Hot...

Does weather affect your cooking???

It does for me!

Cooking in the kitchen creates a hot kitchen. Or I am enjoying some outside time with my boys and have to interrupt our time to get dinner together or I forget about dinner time all together...

I am there --- NOW!

Weather has finally been enjoyable this week. My dinners are showing it! I watch kids until 5 and then it is time for just my boys and I. We tend to go outside and ride bikes or go on a long walk. We get busy and enjoy each other's company.

Thankfully - yesterday I put a chicken roaster in the crockpot yesterday and added some coconut ol, basil and a jar of sun dried tomatoes. I had made this recipe once before and we really enjoyed the flavor of the chicken. Check it out here!

What are your go to summer dishes??? I could use some inspiration!!! :) I am planning on making a healthy broccoli salad next week!


  1. YES! The weather definitely affects my cooking. It's been so hot in Boston (except for these last two days) that I haven't wanted to TOUCH my stove. I've been eating a lot of salads--raw veggies tend to cool me down!

  2. I really like chilled grilled meats, liverwurst, chilled cooked bacon, egg salad, etc. as cold protein staples when the weather is blazing!

  3. fruit salad is fantastically refreshing over the summer -- no matter what fruit you throw in, make sure to add MINT!! it's incredible how clean and satisfying a little bit of mint is with strawberries and mangoes :)

  4. Thank you for the ideas!!!

    Fruit with Mint sounds WONDERFUL!!! Will make some this weekend! :)

    I am making a batch of hard boil eggs today.


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