Friday, February 4, 2011

Oprah Show - Health Crisis

I know, I do not usually post twice in one day but I have to share this -- NOW!

This week on Oprah --- Oprah challenged her staff to go vegan for seven days. I am not advertising the section of the show where they talk about eating Vegan.

I am not writing on here to suggest a vegan lifestyle... I do not like how much soy her guest speaker advertised. SOY IS BAD, remember my post.

I like meat! I like my meat, from my local farmer. I like everything about my meat. I like the way my farmer treats his cows and how he talks to them and how he feeds them. He is even kind to them all the way to the end.

One part of the show that I couldn't help watching OVER and OVER and OVER again is when Oprah interviews Michael Pollan. I am not joking you when I say I watched this short clip 10+ times... It is just crazy to me. He makes some really crazy points.

Did you know 75% of Health care spending is spent on chronic diseases linked to diet??? Yes, this is bankrupting us... We have more access to healthier foods and the American Diet is now a catastrophe.

To watch the video, click here.

Thankfully, this is how my family and I eat.
We barely eat anything processed. We have little to NO white. (sugars, grains, flours) Meals do have to be planned out and do take a little more time. We only have this one body and we plan on staying awhile.

How do you and your family eat???


  1. didn't she have a vegan come on and suggest all kinds of processed soy products??

  2. Yes... I am not a fan of soy. Remember this post,

  3. i'd like to see oprah do this vegan experiment for the world to see. report back to me after she's been on it for a few years. unfortunately she is a very influential person. she has the power to make a positive impact and a negative impact. i wonder what else pollan said about meat?

  4. Did Pollen give an argument about why he thinks it's best to eat meat in small quantities?

  5. he didn't say to eat small amounts of meat. he said "eat it in a limited way". what he meant by that was eat very natural raised animals.

  6. The point of posting this is mainly prove the point that our health reflects the way we eat. The health care system is in crisis because too many are eating to much process JUNK. The grocery store has way too aisles of JUNK. We literally shop the outside aisles at the normal grocery. We do lots of shopping at Trader Joes and our pantry rarely has anything processed or just add water.

  7. His main point is to consume local small farm meat.


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