Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Dinner

Hubby and I do not celebrate Valentine's Day... we take time throughout the year to celebrate one another and show our love. 

This year - Joshua, Ben (the boy I watch) and I have been busy working on art projects daily. We made Valentine's Day books filled with beautiful artwork!

I wasn't going to do anything special but dinner had a mind of its own! 
I took out T-Bones and we were just going to have steaks, like any other steak night.  Until...
 I remembered a trip Hubby and I took... We enjoyed T-Bones with Chocolate sauce.  So, I created Chocolate Sauce.

Sides - Turkey Bacon wrapped Asparagus
and sweet potato tater tots with Coconut Butter

I even made the kids special plates
 Baby has avocado, blueberries and asparagus on his tray and 3 year old had asparagus wrapped in turkey bacon, blueberries, salad and more turkey bacon. He chose not to have any steak.

To top off dinner --- 

We decided once the boys were down to try and make Almond Milk Ice cream.
 I mixed Almond Butter and Brownies

Hubby mixed strawberries and brownies

I hope you had a special "LOVING" day!!! Recipes to come!!!!

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