Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We live in Indiana. If you are in the Midwest, I am sure you have heard about the "BIG" storm. (Texas to the Midwest to Maine. BIG STORM!)

If not, let me fill you in. Last night we had ice. Our driveway and sidewalk has about a inch & half.
We are expected to get more ice tonight followed by a lot of snow.

(from the WISH TV web-site)

The news has been informing us to prepare for power loss. We may loss connection here but do not worry, I will be back! :)

We may actually be living like a cave family the next few hours/days. We do not have a lot non perishable foods. We have meat, in the freezer and fruits and vegetables in the fridge. :) If we loss power, we might have a deck full of food! And we will be cooking on our grill!

STAY SAFE everyone who is near the storm!!! STAY WARM!

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