Friday, September 17, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award

I've received my first blog award: One Lovely Blog Award! A special thanks to Be Joyful Always for nominating my blog, Enjoying Healthy Foods.

Since I've received this award, I've been given the opportunity to nominate more blogs for this award. And there are guidelines for accepting this award:

  1. Accept the award, by posting it on your blog with the name of the person's blog (and his/her blog link) who granted you with the award.
  2. Nominate fifteen blogs that you have newly discovered, and contact those bloggers to let them know.
My favorite 15 newly (and not so newly) discovered are:

I have something to say about MckMama's blog. If you have not yet been to her site, go, no RUN there! It is amazing! She is a mom of 5 beautiful babies. Currently, MckMama is looking for help. A local family, to MckMama, had a baby 10 days ago. On day 7 the mom passed away in her sleep. The Dad is now a new dad and just lost his wife. MckMama is on a mission to help and provide breast milk to feed this baby for a year. That was the mom's goal. Please check out here blog!
MckMama you are amazing!

9-15 to come.. This is really hard!

1 - 8 are all food!!! :) I am pathetic!

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