Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkey

Sunday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Hubby's family. I was in charge of the turkey and some sides.

I did not take any pictures but the turkey and the food was amazing and so delicious!!! I have found that seasoning turkey can be real simple.

The Ingredients:
22 lb turkey
3 TBSP Butter (Olive Oil works well too)
Salt and Pepper
Basil and Parsley

The Directions:
I cut small holes in the turkey and stuff butter inside. Rub 1 TBSP on the outside of the turkey. I also stick all the extra butter inside the bird. Season the outside of the bird with all the seasonings.

Cook the Turkey according to the weight.


  1. YUM! I just put my 15 lb. turkey in a giant bucket to brine for the next two days.

    I usually pull the skin up and spread oil in it. This year, I might do a fresh herb paste for the outside/under the skin and put fresh herbs in the cavity, too. Butter sounds even more yummy than oil though!


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