Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day after Thanksgiving Turkey Bone Soup

My mother-in-law made a delicious day after Thanksgiving soup with the left over bones and some turkey! 

I love using the bones from chicken, beef or turkey to create a delicious soup! There is just so much flavor left and the broth is WONDERFUL!!!! There are many ways this soup can be made and it all depends on you and your families preferences.

The Ingredients:
Turkey bones
water to cover bones
leftover turkey
celery chunks
pea, carrot, green bean mixed bag
seasonings - chicken bouillon cube, soup base, salt, pepper, basil (whatever you want!)

*you can add rice or noodles
** you can add more vegetables

The Directions:
Add bones to a large soup pot. Cover bones with water and add onion and celery chunks. Add seasonings and cover and let cook on low for several hours. Take bones out and pick off all the extra meat from the bones. Cut the celery into smaller pieces. Add turkey pieces back to pot along with all the other ingredients. Boil until the carrots are tender.


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