Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guayaki Tea

Several years ago a coworker introduced me to Guayaki Tea when he started drinking the tea everyday! :) I was curios on the tea so I googled them and the information about the company made me love them even more!

Did you know that Guayaki employs their market driven restoration business model which works to protect and restore the South American Atlantic Rainforest where farmers grow and harvest Guayaki in its natural habitat. Guayaki’s stated mission is to steward and restore 200,000 acres of forest and create 1000 living wage jobs.

Did you also know that on Guayaki site they have a great caffeine meter that tells you how much caffeine is in each drink.
VERY COOL and helpful for someone trying to cut down or limit the caffeine intake! 

Guayaki needs your help!!!! They have been nominated in the BBC World Challenge, a competition that recognizes innovative businesses working towards sustainable and green causes. Guayaki needs votes to win and we would love your help! The competition closes on 11/11.

If you have yet to try their tea, it is a must!!! The flavors are great!!!! 

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