Friday, April 8, 2011

United Health Care Letter

Thank you for the comments about this letter!
I am speechless. If you knew me, you would know that is hard to do.

No, I did not post this letter to start a discussion about vaccinations. Those of you who commented on the original post, thank you. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the issue.

When I read this letter, I asked myself, why in the world is United Health Care offering a $20 gift card to McDonald's? McDonald's, in my book, is not even considered food. It is so over processed and pumped with junk that no one really knows what in the world is in their burgers.

You know what this is not surprising. That is our healthcare system.  It is a broken system...


  1. You know, it occurs to me that they're actually having to bribe people to get "their" vaccinations "on time" and that means they're meeting resistance and that is a good thing.

  2. This letter is wild. It's a fantastic gesture that they are providing free transportation and free shots, for people who may really be in need and not have the resources to get their kids vaccinated. But bribery? Really?
    This is also a glorious example of the "machine" in action: pharmaceutical companies create vaccines, convince the experts everyone needs them, and then get McDonald's to foot the bill! Brilliant (in a horrible way)!
    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. If one reads the letter more closely it is not just Mcdonalds. It is Rite aid, Target or Meijer. If some one really wanted to "be healthy" They can go and buy the good stuff at those supermarkets. No one has noticed that it has supermarkets on there at all just mcdonalds. If This is what it takes to keep Children healthy then so be it.
    If a child in NOT vaccinated then they can get a sick and spread it to infant or elderly who are not even yet old enough to get shots. It isn't just the Flu it is mumps it is measles & many more serious illnesses that we are protecting our children from.
    I can't see how Offering something for people who are less fortunate to have the same medical treatment is wrong and if they care then they will go to and SUPERMARKET and get HEALTHY food with the gift card. No not everyone will but some will.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Anonymous. I do agree that McDonald's is an odd choice to have as a gift card, but you also have the choice to other stores as well. I firmly believe that vaccinations are in place to help facilitate a healthy existence, regardless of food choices.

  5. Anonymous 1 and 2.

    First - my child is not vaccinated and he is actually SICK LESS then my nephews, who have their shots. We play, shop and have outings in the same places and my child stays healthy. My child is almost 4 now and has only been sick once or twice. One of those times he did have the measles but it lasted 2 days. We stayed at our home and did not go out and infect the world. I prefer my child healthy and occasionally getting something over injecting my child with chemicals.

    Second - I think the point Enjoying Healthy Foods was making was simple. Why couldn't they leave off the McDonald's part. If this letter is geared to less fortunate families give them gift cards to the grocery store where they can provide food for their families instead of wasting it on JUNK - low quality food. I think that is the point they were making here.

    Thank you for posting this letter and opening this discussion.

  6. Question that I just don't know the answer to. If a child is not vaccinated does he/she ever have to? I have heard that children have to before school starts? If you don't then how are they in school ( other then home school)?

  7. Not Every Child is born with great luck of having a wonderful immune system. My child was not one of them. He fought for his life in the NICU and has a crappy immune system because of it. He is vaccinated because of his lack of being able to fight otherwise and if i had another i would do it again.
    I agree on the choices on the gift card that having only supermarkets would have been way to go but McDonald's may have given money to the program. It is great that United Health Care is taking a step to offer these Benefits!

  8. My boys are not vaccinated and they will be able to attend school. There is a form that you have to fill out and have your doctor sign. I have 30 year old friends who have not been vaccinated and they have graduated with a Doctoral school.

  9. Loving all the comments and discussions going on! Keep up the comments!!! :)

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