Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CSA and Coop groups!!!!!

I am finally going to blog on CSA and Coop groups!!!!!

For those 9 of you, who follow my blog, you will know that we are apart of a food share (or a CSA group). You may not know that we are also part of a Coop group. The Coop group is where we pick up local RAW milk and RAW butter, along with other great organic and local produce and vegetables.

This is our family's first year being apart of a CSA or Coop... This will NOT be our last. We will be joining these groups FOREVER!!!!! We have really enjoyed weekly pick ups of delicious (LOCAL and Organic) fruits and vegetables!

I wanted to make sure that I posted these GREAT resources for you, my 9 followers! :) These websites will help direct you in the right direction for local produce. I know that the season is slowing down in some areas but at least you will have the information for next year.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Directory.

Coop Directory Group Directory.

Also - here is a great site to find out when and where Local Farmer's Markets meet in your area!

Please feel free to ask me any questions about CSA and Coop Groups! I am here to help!!!!

I will list these resources on the sidebar of the blog!!!! I really hope that this websites help you eat more LOCAL grown food!!!! :)

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