Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Make it Paleo is here!!!

I was so excited to have received my copy of Make it Paleo this weekend. I opened it right up and was amazed on what a beautiful cookbook it was! I really was not too shocked on how nice the cookbook was because the blog has amazing pictures and put together real nicely!

Bill and Hayley JOB WELL DONE!!!! This cookbook is beautiful and full of amazing recipes!!! 
I have a lot of cookbooks in my cupboard and this might be my favorite. Not because it is new but because EVER single recipe has a beautiful picture.  
 Hubby, who doesn't normal take interest in cookbooks but started to flip through this book and commented on the pictures and the recipes!!! I directed him to a few pages of recipes I really want to try and also to the recipes that we have already made.

 If you want to look more at the cookbook, head over the Make it Paleo to preview the book. Also, head over to Bill and Hayley's blog, The Food Lovers' Primal Palate.

You will not be disappointed!!! The have recipes for all occasions! Please go and order this cookbook. You will not be disappointed! I promise!!!

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