Monday, January 31, 2011

30 Day Challenge

Starting February 1, I am saying no to coffee. 
Let me explain. I am working my way to cutting out all dairy. I have an intolerance to dairy but still add creamer. I have gone to Trader Joe's and bought their creamer but it still has dairy. I do not consume a lot of coffee so this really should not be too terribly hard.

I am going to start off my challenge by switching my coffee with tea. I have a cabinet full of teas and I plan on using them! I am going to stick to one cup a day, even if my boys are up all night, one cup a day. After a week or two I plan on switching to decaffeinated teas. By the end of the month (28 days) I plan to be completely off caffeine and teas. Maybe enjoying some hot water and lemon and maybe an occasional cup of decaf tea.

I do not foresee me having a problem with cutting out coffee. I am not addicted to the caffeine as I do not drink coffee everyday, maybe 5 or 6 days a week :) I drink it because it is hot and it is ready for me every morning! I want to do this the right way so I completely cut out my dairy (creamer).

I do not see anything wrong with coffee. I just like LOADS of creamer! I like the sweet taste!!!

Goodbye coffee. Hello Tea or Water and Lemon!

Anyone want to take this challenge with me???


  1. I will! I do not drink coffee but just joined the gym again and would like to give up my other "bad" drinks at least until the end of Feb. when we go on vacation. I have already started and it is not easy. Iam trying to give up carbonated drinks and sweet tea. Hopefully it will help me drop a few extra pounds.

  2. Awesome Shelli! You will be surprised how much calories you will be freeing after ridding of these drinks! Happy weight loss!

  3. Thank you Holly! You can do it!!! Start slow! Thats what I am doing and I am feeling great!


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